A Glimpse of Bologna, Italy Through 19 Photographs

Last week I participated a pretty rad event called the Bologna Photo Marathon. An all-day event, the challenge was to take photos of Bologna all day long given a set of “themes”.  There were 9 themes in total and every three hours three new “themes” were distributed to particpants. We were encouraged to creatively interpret the themes through our camera lenses and find interesting perspectives. At the end of the day, we had to submit one photo for each theme.

As a beginner photographer, this was a really fun opportunity to practice and challenge my photography skills. It was also a wonderful chance to rediscover Bologna and certain aspects of the city that I never seem to have time to appreciate.

I’d  like to share with you some of my favorite photos from the event to give you just a little glimpse of the city I call home.

Vaulted Archways of Bologna

Vaulted archways of Via de’ Castagnoli

Archway art | Bologna, Italy

Archwary art

Bar Sport Bologna

In Bologna, archways exist in all shapes in sizes, including these colorful rectangular ones.

Archways and Bici in Bologna, Italy

Bici and Portici – Bicycles and Archways

Bologna Bicicletta

Bologna Bicicletta

FIAT in Bologna in Piazza Aldrovandi

A FIAT is always a happy sight to see

Dirty Bologna

Many people say Bologna is a dirty city. I say it’s just “well lived”.

Newsstand Bologna

Newsstands, like this bright red one, are still a part of Bologna’s daily life


Shoes hanging out to dry

The Colors of Bologna

The colors of Bologna

Bologna Football

A window showing lots of patriotism for Italy and Bologna’s Football Club

La Rossa Bologna

Windows in Italy fascinate me because of their colors and because no window is exactly the same as another


Bologna La Rossa

The quietest streets in Bologna are always the most colorful


Grafitti walls in Bologna, Italy

Rust and grafitti

Via Pratello in Bologna, Italy

Advertising bulletins are everywhere in Bologna and are often overcrowded with student fliers

Via delle Moline in Bologna, Italy

Via delle Moline – a heavily student populated zone mixed with traditional trattorias

Lucio Dalla

“Lucio is King”. One of the many pieces of street art in Bologna illustrating Lucio Dalla, a famous singer-songwriter from Bologna who passed away in 2012.

Bologna Reflections

Reflections of Bologna on Strada Maggiore

Two Towers Bologna

Many people climb the Two Towers of Bologna to look down, but looking up can be just as beautiful.

12 comments on “A Glimpse of Bologna, Italy Through 19 Photographs

  1. Wow! I can’t believe we just missed the photo event. We were in Bologna April 15 – 22, 2015 and are both photographers with many pictures of beautiful Bologna. We hope to return next year and we will definitely be checking your blog between now and then.

  2. Wonderful photos! I hope they do an edition again in Bologna next year or in coming years. I’m moving there in January and I’m looking forward to discovering the city and taking my own photos. And it’s nice to see a few biciclette, as I’m so used to having them in my photos here in Utrecht. Sometimes I even wait (seconds) for one to come into shot, just for a more interesting image. ;)

    • Hey Alison! Thanks for your message. Bologna is such an amazing city to photograph – the colors, the shadows, and yes – the bicycles! Look forward to seeing some of your photos :)