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I started Italy Project 365 more than 5 years ago with the mission of bringing a little bit of Italy into my own daily life. Since then, this project has evolved, and toegther with my passion for blogging and cooking, I have developed a new blog, Italy Food Project. Head on over there to learn more about me and get the latest foodie blog updates!

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  1. What an amazing blog you have here! It will be a pleasure to follow your stories and tips. I’m in Italy for one year already, just finished my course (which was my main goal before), but still don’t want to leave… I’m thinking that I’m becoming a real Italian, just like you said in one of your posts… :D Keep going!

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  4. Ciao Sarah,
    We are visiting Bologna this weekend so I’ve been trawling through your blog gathering ideas for where to eat and what to see. What a fantastic resource you’ve produced. I’m really excited about visiting your city. Many thanks for all the tips.

    • Ciao Jenny! Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a wonderful time in bologna! Please let me know if you need any help or other information – I’d be happy to chat!

  5. Just stumbled on your Blog while trying to find an artist’s work that was in the apartment we stayed in in Bologna. I am from RI, now living in Chicago, but thought it an interesting coincidence that you went to school in Providence. Been to Italy 5 times from Venice to Paesteum and3 times in Bologna. Hopefully to return again in 2016. Are you still in Bologna?

    • Hi Judi! What a small world we live in. Providence is my second home! I lived there for 5 years and also worked at Scialo’s Bakery. I’m still in Bologna but will be moving to Genova this fall. Nice to meet you and hope to stay in touch. xx

  6. I was wondering once you sent the pre enrollment request to the university how long did it take for them to get back to you with the acceptance letter so that you could apply for the study visa?

    • Hi Hanna, To be honest I can’t remember excatly. It couldn’t have been longer than a 2-3 weeks however. I completed the entire application (enrollment, Dichiarazione di Valore, Visa) in a matter of months.

  7. Hi Sarah
    Fantastic blog.. Your blog have very useful information about Italian work visa. I was just searching internet to find how to get work Visa for Italy and found ur site. I am from India and working here but i was searching procedure to get Italian work Visa for my Brother. Can u help me plzzz if u dont mind…

    Thanx and regards

    • Hi Kamal, I’m sorry but I’m not very familiar with family related visas. You should speak with someone who works in the immigration office in your city.

  8. Hi Sarah!
    I´m an argentinian travel blogger who loves Italy as well!
    I feel same way a lot despite i have no italian blood hehe
    Anyway, it was great to discover your blog (i practice english and i read about Italy!)
    I will be in Bologna one day to finalize a trip there so I will your read your posts about the citi as well!


  9. Hi Sarah. Just found your great blog. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m just starting my second year in Verona but have already decided to try Bologna next year. I’ve only spent a few days in Bologna but the atmosphere and friendliness of the locals blew.me away, espacially when compared to Verona. Also EFL teacher so much of your blog is of interest.

  10. Hello Sarah!

    Stumbled upon your blog while Googling where to find cranberries in Italy. (Alas, I’m giving up hope.)

    I’m an American visiting another American for Thanksgiving and trying to put together a feast. We’ve had quite an adventure so far trying to find ingredients and using a scale instead of volume measuring utensils.

    I am also in Genoa! I look forward to perusing your blog some more!

    A presto,

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks for the message. It’s crazy trying to find all the thanksgiving ingredients/tools, but if you’re in Genoa I recommend going to to Tiger Store for the measuring cups/spoons. Secondly, there are some specialty stores that sell cranberry sauce and pumpkin puree. I know of one in Piazza Colombo (Chicco Caffe) that sells all sorts of imported products. Anyways good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  11. Hi Sarah, im going to Bolonia in two weeks and your articles have helped me a lot :)

    i like writing and sharing some stories with unknow people, so i would love to be able to have a chat with you and maybe know bolonia from a different eyes and perspective.


    • Hi Edgar, awesome that you’re going to Bologna. Unfortunately, I don’t live there anymore, although I’d be happy to answer any questions if you have any. Thanks and enjoy your trip!