The Best Panoramic Views in Bologna

Sometimes the best way to visit a city is to view it from above

Seeing Bologna from up high is an activity I always recommend to people visiting the city – it’s a great thing to do if you’re pushed for time and can’t tour all of the city from below. Plus, the views are really amazing and you can full appreicate why Bologna is nicknamed ‘la rossa’ (the red city) afterwards. 

Here’s a little list of my favorite panoramic views in Bologna. 

1. Asinelli Tower 

Part of the infamous Bologna landmark I Due Torri (the two towers), this is perhaps the most famous and most visited view point of Bologna. 498 steps and 3 euro later, you can see an absolutely amazing panorama of the city, particularly of the main square, Piazza Maggiore.

View from the Asinelli Tower

View from the Asinelli Tower

2. San Luca 

Even though it’s a bit of a hike, the monastery of San Luca still remains one of the most beautiful sights in Bologna. While climbing through over 600 porticos, you can stop and see the entire city from afar, as well as the spectacular green Bolognesi hills which rest behind the city.

San Luca

San Luca

3. Hotel Touring

A little bit off the beaten track, the terrazza of Hotel Touring is the perfect place to enjoy a morning cappuccino or evening apertivo, with a stupendous view of both the city and the Bolognese hills. For the fainthearted, it might be a much better place than the Asinelli tower, as it isn’t too high up and it has an elevator. Perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Piazza Maggiore…

Hotel Touring

View from Terrazza Mattuani at Hotel Touring

4. Torre Prendiparte 

For the spendthrifts, this is absolutely the view for you. Book a night in this bed-and-breakfast/tower and you will not only have the chance to see a wonderful view of the city (bolognesi hills, piazza maggiore, the towers and ALL), but you will have the entire tower to yourself for as long as you stay. You only live once, eh?

Torre Prendiparte

Torre Prendiparte

5. San Michele in Bosco

Beyond the city walls, way up in the hills, in the middle of a little forest (bosco), lies the San Michele monastery (which actually now functions as one of the best orthopedic hospitals in the world) and from this monastery you have one of the best panoramic views of Bologna!

Panoramic View of Bologna from San Michele in Bosco

Panoramic View of Bologna from San Michele in Bosco

What’s your favorite city view?

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  1. Please please tell me that Berlusconi did NOT take over the Duomo in Florence, I’d be devastated ;-) After some 20 years I’m back in Florence and it’s nice to have a new re-introduction to the city through your blog. Nonna Bologna, I like that comparison :-)

    • Hahaha oh my! I’m devasted. What a brain fart. Berlusconi taking over the Duomo would be horribile! Thanks for the correction, I’ve rightfully fixed it now to the well-deserving Brunnelleschi. Cheers!