This Blog is Changing

You might have noticed that I’ve been writing a lot more about food lately. I imagine these thoughts might be running through your head: a) I’ve been really hungry b) I’m pregnant and so I’ve been really hungry or c) A hungry person has hijacked this blog. or d) None of the above.

Correct answer: d) None of the above. Let me explain.

This blog is changing. One of the things about blogging is that you don’t always like doing it but you somehow feel obliged to keep writing posts just because your readers expect it. It’s an oddly altruistic hobby because you have to share knowledge, often for free, with people across the world that you may or may not even know.

A few weeks ago I was speaking this with my blogger friend Sharon (She’s Argentinian so her blog is written in Spanish. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten all my Spanish and so I can’t understand it, BUT she is awesome so I’m sure her blog is awesome. If you know some Spanish and fancy a read, check out Postales a Casa). We were talking about why we blog and how our blogs have changed since we first started them. I was explaining to her how sometimes I get bored with blogging and don’t always feel like writing, even though I feel as though I should, and how this feeling has happened more and more often in the past year.

Then she asked me a question that startled me (in a good way): “Sarah…what is that you really want to do? What is it that you really want to write about?” and without even thinking, in the middle of the street in Genoa, I blurted out, “FOOD. I LOVE FOOD.”

After talking with my blogger friend that day I’ve done a lot of reflecting about why I started this blog in the first place. Italy Project 365 began as just that – a project about Italy. The idea was that I would blog for 365 days about anything and everything related to Italy. I had just graduated from college with a minor in Italian Language and Culture and was desperately looking for a way to stay connected to my favorite subject. Honestly, it was a pretty sad looking blog and the writing was horrible and I think the only one who read it at the time was my mom and even that is questionable. But I loved it. It gave me something to do and kept me sane during my graduate studies.

When I moved to Italy a year leater, Italy Project 365 evolved into something a bit bigger. It became an outlet for everything I was experiencing in Italy, from culture shock rants to travel adventures. I also offered up a lot of advice on how to move to Italy and even until this day my posts on permesso di soggiorno bureaucracy remain the most popular. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to help so many people make the move to the boot. All of the comments from my readers thanking me for the information I share and relating to my story have been incredibly moving and motivating. If you’re one of those people, THANK YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME.

Yet today Italy Project 365 has a different meaning for me. I no longer feel like a complete stranger in this country (trust me it has taken me more than 4 years to get to this point!). Of course, I don’t feel entirely at home either but I do feel like my life is more normal here than it was in the beginning (and by normal I mean I can actually make a phone call in Italian now without peeing my pants or asking someone else to do it for me).  I experience more reverse culture shock when I return home to America than culture shock in Italy. In other words, I’m growing and changing and rather than stop blogging because I’ve run out of inspiration, I want my blog to grow and change with me.

If you don’t’ like something, CHANGE IT. If you can’t change it, CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE.” – Maya Angelou

Damn right, girl. It’s time for a change. 

I’ve decided it’s time to change my blog name and give it a new direction. Trying to choose a name for your blog is like trying to choose a name for a baby (actually, I don’t know that but I imagine this is what it’s like). I thought a lot of things that were really different from Italy Project 365 but in the end they sounded really cheesy and lame like “Pumpkin and Sage” or “The Silver Pot” so in the end I just decided to stick with something similar to what I already had but just add in the element I’m looking for. And so without further ado, let me introduce you to my soon-to-be blog name  (drumroll please………..):

Italy Food Project


I know what you’re thinking. Honestly, another food blog? My answer is: Frankly my dear(s), I don’t give a damn. It’s my blog and I can eat my way through it if I want to. 

I’ve always been strangely connected to food, and by that I mean that I never stop thinking about it. Even when I was younger I would think up the most ridiculous menus and then beg my mom to take me to grocery store so we could try and make my newly thought-up recipes. I once held my Nana hostage in the kitchen and forced her to show me how to make her red tomato sauce, meticulously recording everything she told me, even the amount of salt, which she yelled at me for because salt is just not something you can measure when making tomato sauce. “DON’T WRITE THAT DOWN! YOU JUST HAVE TO TASTE IT”, she scolded me while threatening to hit me with the wooden spoon in her hand (don’t worry, she never actually did).

Anyways, my point is that people are always hungry, I’m always hungry and cooking is a part of my daily life. And well, who doesn’t love eating?

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

I love the act of creating a recipe. I love trying new restaurants. I LOVE LOVE LOVE learning about crazy old food traditions. I even have a picture of Pellegrino Artusi hanging in my kitchen (an Italian dude with wicked beard who wrote one of the first comprehensive cookbooks about Italian cuisine. Keep in mind he wrote this in the late 1800s and yet some of these recipes are still pretty much the same today. ISN’T THAT AWESOME? He was basically a badass foodie obsessed with writing down the recipes of his time and I tip my hat to him every time I enter my kitchen).

My man, Artusi Pellegrino

Pellegrino Artusi, in my kitchen.

My idea for Italy Food Project is simple: I want to share with you my recipes, stories about recipes, and food adventures inspired by Italy.

When I told Andrea (boyfriend) about this change he was like, ”Okay, I can live with that. I’ll be your cavia (which I thought sounded really sexy until he explained that it’s just Ialian word for “test animal/guinea pig”).” When I told Zora (dog) about it she just looked at me and said “Does ths mean I get to eat more parmesan cheese?” (Okay not really, but that’s what I imagine she meant when she looked up at me with her greedy puppy eyes). Let’s just say it’s a win-win situation for everyone

Italy Food Project: a life project. about food. in Italy. Are you hungry yet?

*The change over is going to be a bit of a slow process so bear with me. The domain name won’t change quite yet and you can continue to find me at for a little while longer. You can now find me on Instagram as @italyfoodproject and Twitter @italyproject.

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10 comments on “This Blog is Changing

  1. Read the whole post…I am sure just like your mom. My wife was taught to cook Strascimati Pomodora last week by the chefs at Le Capase Restaurante in Cisternino and her replication two nights later was unbelievable…the best. She is a foodie and outstanding chef.

  2. good for you, sarah! your blog has been a source of inspiration and good advice as i’ve settled in to living in italy- so thank you! i’m excited to follow your blog and see what’s next for you- perhaps your take on focaccia al formaggio sometime in the future? ;-)

  3. Dear Sarah, I’ll keep reading you no matter the blog subject! It is so interesting and special for me, to know how foreigners feel about my Country.
    If your interests go toward FOOD do not miss a visit to FICO in Bologna, opening due October 4th 2017! we all look forward to it. And if you come, let me know: I’ll be delighted to show you how to “tirare la sfoglia al mattarello”

    • Hi Lorenza! Thanks so much for your support. I am DEFINITELY going to the FICO Eataly World. So excited! I would absolutely love to meet you and will have to take your offer up on the “tirare la sfoglia al mattarello” ;)