“I want to move to Italy but I don’t know how!”

I thought the same thing not too long ago, but guess what? I did it. I moved to Italy and here I am. Ta da!

If you have a dream of moving to Italy (whether it’s for 6 months, a year or forever), but you aren’t sure on where to begin, you’ve come to the right place!  Like you, I once had the same dream and I made it happen. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t simple. But it was worth it. I’m here to tell you and act as your living testimonial that it is possible

Below you’ll find some advice and guidance on moving to Italy based on my own personal experience and research.

Please read through these articles carefully before contacting me! Although I love talking to people, I get a lot of emails often asking me the same questions that I have already answered here on the blog :)

Posts on Moving to Italy

General Moving to Italy advice:

Studying in Italy

Working in Italy

Teaching English in Italy

Movin’ to Italy FAQ

Every month I post commonly asked questions I get from readers about moving to Italy. Here are some of the questions I’ve answered so far!

work visa

deal with criticism

italian health insurance

course study visa

make friends italy

tourist visa


Movin’ to Italy FAQ: What is the decreto flussi?

do i need to learn italian


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