My Italy New Year Resolutions

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When I first came to Italy, I wrote a list of things that I wanted to do and see while I was in Italy. {See Italy Bucket List on my OLD blog}

At the time, I didn’t know if I would be able to stay in Italy for longer than my 6 month study visa, so I figured I might as well make the most of the time I had. Although I didn’t accomplish all the things on that list, it was pretty cool to think of all the possibilities in life. I was in Italy  – the possibilties were endless!

So with 2015 rolling in, I thought it would be good time to revisit that list. I love making lists, even if I know that I probably won’t accomplish everything on it. Some people might think this sounds crazy. They say, “Why set goals for yourself that you’ll never accomplish?”. Perhaps it a little silly but it’s the wishful thinking, the hope for new things to happen in life that counts. It means we believe that there is still life to be lived in the future.

So I say no matter how crazy your dream sounds, write it down on that list. it could be the most absurd thing ever (trust me I thought “Move to Italy” was the most absurd dream ever when I wrote that down but look where it brought me?!). Just write it down anyways. Have it there as a goal to work towards, even if you’re only working towards it in your mind.

10 Italy New Year Resolutions
(some things are possible to do even outside of Italy…)

1. Learn a new Italian word everyday.

One of the things I love about living in a foreign country is the opportunity to learn new things everyday, especially the language! Of course being an English teacher I’m certainly guilty of not speaking Italian enough and there are many many words that I still don’t know. Other than learning new words from real Italian people, my sources of language learning include Iceberg Project (awesome blog by Cher about the specifics of learning Italian), Transparent Language (sign up for their word of the day newsletter), and this awesome little Living Language Daily Calendar that gives you Italian phrases and words for 365 days a year. If that’s not an “Italy Project 365” than I don’t know what is! :)

2. Try out some of those weird looking Italian vegetables.

Whenever I’m at the supermarket in Italy I always see the weirdest looking veggies but being the super meal planner that I am, I never end up buying them because they aren’t on my list. For example, broccoli romano (see photo below) looks like such as yummy vegetable. I also love the look of cardone (similar to celery) and cime di rape (rapini). So, this year I’m going to try to branch out a little and buy some foreign looking veggies on a whim.

broccoli romano

3. Read more Italian news.

I’m guilty of not even following the news in English, but I think reading the Italian news could really help me out a lot in the language department and hopefully help to strike a conversation with Italians about particular hot news topics. Good news sites include Corriere della Sera and Il Resto del Carlino

4. Write to a friend or family member back home every week (keep some stamps handy for easy mailing).

Again, I’m really guilty of not staying in touch with friends and family enough. Being abroad is tough particularly because you’re not able to just call people when you want. You have ot use Skype or Facbeook and it often comes across as so impersonal and uncaring. So I’ve got my stationary and I’m going to the tabacchi shop to get a load of stampe so all I have to do is write grandma a letter on Sunday and stick in the post box monday!

5. Go to Puglia! (and see a trulli house)

I’ve been wanting to visit Puglia and it’s neat Trulli houses for quite some time now. This spring, it’s going to happen! I found some great prices for trulli houses on AirBnB…


6. Unfold the secret to making the perfect homemade pasta (May Giallo Zafferano be my best friend).

Still perfecting my pasta making abilities. It seems like everytime I try to make it it comes out like chewy dumplings instead of the silky smooth pasta ribbons that I want! Still, many Italians have told me that it’s really not all the complicated and that all you need is a little bit of practice.


7. Host an Italian-American dinner for Italians (including my Nana’s pasta and meatballs and another favorite, penne alla vodka). Record reactions.

Italians never believe me when I tell them how yummy Italian-American food actually is! I’d love to show them my Nana’s tomato sauce and meatballs or make a pot of penne alla vodka, a dish that doesn’t exist at all in Italy but is loved by so many Americans. How can you go through life and never taste pasta alfredo?

penne alla vodka

8. Take a photography course (so I can share with you better Italy photos!).

I’m still working on my photo skills and although I’ve learnt a lot just by practice, there are always more things to learn or improve on. If anyone has any photography course suggestions (online or in Bologna), please leave a comment below.

9. Ride a Vespa (would you believe in all these three years, I have never once rode a Vespa????!!!)

I wanna be like Audrey Hepburn in a Roman Holiday and ride through the street of Rome screaming “weeeeee!”.


10. Go to Il Palio in Siena.

Il palio is this AMAZING AWESOME INCREDIBLE horserace in Siena that I have been dying to go to ever since I heard about 6 years ago. It usually happens around mid-august and I’m hoping and playing I’ll be around this year to see it!


“You’re never to old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

Cheers to the new year!!! Auguri e Buon Anno!

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