I am lacking. Or rather slacking. Whichever you prefer, I have completely failed this project this week! I have just recently started grad school which means 4 nights a week of class and working part-time as a grad assistant during the day. I haven’t read up on any history since the ancient Romans and my […]

Thoughts on the Ancient Romans

It is no wonder Italians love to spend the majority of their day eating, drinking and living the motto “il dolce far niente”, or the sweetness of doing nothing. The upper class of the ancient Roman society lived this way. They woke up with the rising of the sun, ready to face a day full […]

A Rough Start

It’s been 5 days since I started out on this path of learning and I am already struggling with staying motivated. I have tried to keep plowing through Henry D. Sedgewick’s “A Short History of Italy”, which although may be short in comparison to other works, is not so brief for someone who has a […]