What is the Italy Project?

For the past 5 years of my life I have been madly in love with approximately 116,000 square miles of this planet, all of which are located thousands of miles away from me and take the shape of what looks like a very poorly made boot. Yes, I am in love with Italy. Some might laugh at this and say, “Oh honey, who isn’t in love with her?”, but I can honestly admit that this fascination is more than just a high school crush, more than just some strange infatuation.  No. This is a passionate love affair in which I can only hope that the extra helping of risotto Milanese will love me just as much as I love it; in which I stay up late watching Italian movies in hopes of catching a singe glimpse of what is arguably Europe’s most beautiful scenery; in which I drive my family and friends crazy because at least once a day I will start a sentence with “This one time, in Italy…”. Let’s face it –I am in serious relationship with a country and there is no way out.

This is where “The Italy Project” comes into play. As the structured days of my Italian college classes are now behind me, I need something to feed my passion into. The challenge? 365 days, 10 subjects and a very small recently-graduated-college budget. There will be Romans and Renaissance, wine and cheese, and a language so beautiful it will be sweep you off your feet. There will be paintings and sculptures, some old and some new, festivals of saints and food, and mountains of snow that you never knew existed. So, all you history buffs and literary critics, all you food-connoisseurs and artists in overalls, all you wanna-be Europeans and lovers of Italy, I’m calling you to follow along as I blog my way through Italian history, modern issues, wine, food, literature, language, art, music, culture, and geography.

By sharing with you my experiences, I hope to enlighten my readers of what exactly it is that I find so incredibly attractive about Italy. I have dabbled in many of these areas before, but never have I gone so deep (or off the deep-end?) as this. I hope that this project will not only deepen my relationship, but also yours, with a country whose personality is so often misunderstood by those who know very little about her. Who knows, maybe you will someday find yourself in the same love affair with Italy that I am in? In the mean time, feel free to join me as I set off to rediscover Italy through a series of events, cultural traditions, and sensory experiences!

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